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Resources and Recomended Reading

We are often asked by leaders which books, videos or articles we recommend for their development. There are so many out there it is obviously hard to choose. It depends a lot on what your area of interest is and your preferred learning style as to what might float your boat. Here are some we [...]

Being present.

Being present is a top principle for leading. We need to be able to give undivided attention and have the ability to make others feel they are only ones in the room. It’s only then that we can communicate really well by taking the time to listen to what people are saying.

Why people need a purpose.

I went mountain biking the other day with some friends, because my mate had organised it and picked a place and date. I had been meaning to get out on my bike for a couple of months and just hadn’t got round to doing it.  Why hadn’t I organised it? Because there was no bigger [...]