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The five ingredients for a leader.

I am often asked “what makes a good leader?” My answer is: leaders are like food, it depends on the time, place and people as to which meal is considered the best. However meals often use the best ingredients. So I thought about the great leaders I have met and the ingredients that set them [...]

Developing resilient management at University of Sussex

The school had been experiencing rapid growth in student numbers, a fast changing landscape in terms of expectations of students and also a change in focus of the University. The management team at the school was growing fast and so not a cohesive unit.

Hiding behind the bar

I spend a fair bit of time in cafes having meetings or coaching and  I am always perplexed when the staff won’t come over to ask if you want anything else. I was in a cafe the other day for 2 hours (we were pretty much the only people in it) and still I had [...]

Taking on someone new?

Time to read: 1 minute: I have just returned from a great week running some leadership workshops in Dubai. This was the first time I have been to Dubai and this meant  I had to spend a fair bit of time trying to figure out how to get there, where to stay, and try and [...]