Personal Development

We facilitate programs where you can explore how to be effective and productive and stay sane and healthy.

“A fascinating understanding of the mind-body connection” “Great practical advice on increasing your personal awareness and becoming more effective in your communication” “Easy-to-integrate ideas that helped me understand others better” “Relevant practical examples that brought about a sea change in atttitude and insight.”

The Healthy Leadership Project

We run the healthy leadership project to deliver workshops and away days where you will be immersed in discovering ways of developing an understanding how your wellbeing impacts your effectiveness and get practical ways to develop sense of balance and resilience. Discover how to be centred, grounded, open and flexible. This is the foundation for [...]

Developing resilient management at University of Sussex

The school had been experiencing rapid growth in student numbers, a fast changing landscape in terms of expectations of students and also a change in focus of the University. The management team at the school was growing fast and so not a cohesive unit.