Management Training

These courses enable you to understand and influence people, drive change, and improve performance.

The courses are highly participative, so you learn by doing, getting all the feedback you need along the way. We make sure the theory applies to your real and relevant issues. We also ensure you enjoy the learning.

‘These sessions have been by far and away the most informative, enjoyable and successful that I have been involved in. The trainer just really knows his stuff and passes on his knowledge with ease and simplicity.’

What we offer:

The Art of Influence

Influence is an art you can learn to become better at. On this workshop you will learn how to get rapport,  encourage people to talk and get really good at listening and demonstrating your interest. You will be able to gain information and understand peoples needs better, get to know the beliefs and values you [...]

Authentic Leadership

This program will enable you to be an outstanding communicator, understand the behaviours and intentions of others,build better and more effective relationships, use effective planning and set clear goals.

How to be great at developing and engaging people

Being developed is the number one engagement need for a lot of people. You need to be really good at identifying peoples needs and helping them fill them. This one day course will enable you to effectively train, coach, give feedback and delegate to get the best from people.

How to Be Inspiring

This one day course looks at how to really communicate to a team in a way which creates purpose and meaning to what they do. By creating compelling visions and learning how to use metaphores and communicate to generate real team motivation, people will be inspired to perform and deliver great results.

Its all about to change

70% of change projects fail to achieve the results hoped for because more often than not, the cultural and psychological barriers to change are not addressed properly.

This workshop will enable you to manage organisational change more effectively.

“It is not the fittest that survive but those who adapt to change the best.”