Advice and Ideas

How to be an Absolute Beginner

Time to read: 1 minute. Time to get right: a Lifetime My Tai Chi teacher often begins classes by explaining how the best practitioners are able to practice moves they have done a thousand times and still retain a state of ‘beginners mind’. This is when they are really aware of what they are doing [...]

Facing up to a challenge

Time to read = 1 minute Everybody has a different idea of what a challenge is. I am running the Brighton Half Marathon in a few weeks time. For me the distance is a bit of a challenge, but I am pretty sure I can make it that far. Trying to do it in 1 [...]

What is real leadership?

Time to read  = 1 minute Time to act = Now I was at a client recently running a leadership training course. During the tea break I went to the kitchen with a couple of the managers to grab a cup of tea. The place was a right mess. Cups and plates were everywhere, except [...]

Why people need a purpose.

I went mountain biking the other day with some friends, because my mate had organised it and picked a place and date. I had been meaning to get out on my bike for a couple of months and just hadn’t got round to doing it.  Why hadn’t I organised it? Because there was no bigger [...]

Getting out of your Comfort Zone.

I recently tried windsurfing on my local lagoon. I was soon realising it was a lot harder than it looked. I tensed up, wobbled a lot and was so focused on not falling in I couldn’t move. I was well out of my comfort zone and ready to get out and back into dry land. [...]

Setting Goals

A couple of weeks ago I was to be found running along Brighton seafront dressed as Buzz Lightyear chasing a pink fairy. No not a weird dream but the 10k Heroes fun run. The day was hot and my outfit was not conducive to running with lots of padding and a hot helmet on my [...]

Are you looking properly?

I recently lost my car key. I had just unloaded the boot and then couldn’t for the life of me find the key. I searched my pockets, likely places I might have put it down and had no joy. This spelt trouble as I had also misplaced the spare key a long while back. I [...]

A Measured Return

A  lot of effort is put into measuring efficiency and returns on investment in organisations. The desire to measure and control  is strong, particularly now when we have just been through a recession and cost cutting is king. This is reflected throughout society and  in the government’s desire to cut the deficit with everyone being [...]

Setting Goals

There are many ways to set goals.  When you are growing a business it helps to keep it simple so these are our Goal setting tips: Pick a single goal Reduce the goal to be achievable in 30 days Use the rule of 20 – do 20 actions to reach goal Post the goal and [...]

Slow motion running and a fake tash.

So why was I doing slow motion running wearing a fake moustache at 9am on a Monday morning in #Brighton town centre? One on the charities I coach had organised a flash mob to promote its fun run as part of Brighton’s “manliest month ever” campaign. I must admit I was a tad dubious [...]