The five ingredients for a leader.

I am often asked “what makes a good leader?” My answer is: leaders are like food, it depends on the time, place and people as to which meal is considered the best. However meals often use the best ingredients. So I thought about the great leaders I have met and the ingredients that set them [...]

Getting on with it.

In order to tackle procrastination take 5 steps. Break tasks down into bite sized chunks with short deadlines for completion. Create a consequence for not completing to give some motivation. Make a public commitment to your plan of action. Go through your planned actions with someone else and agree to review how you got on. [...]

Being present.

Being present is a top principle for leading. We need to be able to give undivided attention and have the ability to make others feel they are only ones in the room. It’s only then that we can communicate really well by taking the time to listen to what people are saying.

What leaders can learn from Glastonbury

For those who may have missed it another Glastonbury Festival happened this weekend. The Festival is widely considered the best in the world and the best bands fall over themselves to appear at it and tickets sell out every year, even whilst other festivals struggle. “There’s always a wish list, and only the best bands [...]

When is it OK to slow down..

When I am walking with my young daughters we are often in a rush to get to school or somewhere I want to be. The focus is getting there quickly, and there is less interest from me in what they are saying and doing and more on trying to get us to go faster. Sometimes [...]

Hiding behind the bar

I spend a fair bit of time in cafes having meetings or coaching and  I am always perplexed when the staff won’t come over to ask if you want anything else. I was in a cafe the other day for 2 hours (we were pretty much the only people in it) and still I had [...]

Inspiring leadership

What a great Olympics it’s been. I don’t know about you but I have been inspired and daunted at the same time. Here is what I have taken from it so far: 1. Astounding 10,ooo meters champion Mo Farah says he has to run 120 miles a week in training. Lesson.  There is no easy [...]

How to be an Absolute Beginner

Time to read: 1 minute. Time to get right: a Lifetime My Tai Chi teacher often begins classes by explaining how the best practitioners are able to practice moves they have done a thousand times and still retain a state of ‘beginners mind’. This is when they are really aware of what they are doing [...]

Leadership Development Through Social Action

Time to read:  One Minute. Time to take action: Now It was such a sunny morning yesterday that I decided to get up early and go for a run on the beach. Having worked up a bit of a sweat I stopped by the waters edge and as the sun sparkled off the sea I [...]

Taking on someone new?

Time to read: 1 minute: I have just returned from a great week running some leadership workshops in Dubai. This was the first time I have been to Dubai and this meant  I had to spend a fair bit of time trying to figure out how to get there, where to stay, and try and [...]