How to be Really Effective

This workshop will allow you to discover how to achieve more and have less stress whilst doing so.

It is a  practical  workshop to help you both increase your productivity and reduce stress levels.

You focus on creating healthy and effective habits, making better choices, and having more energy and focus.

We will show you completely different ways to plan projects and organise team thinking to get things done.

We turn theoretical productivity models into practical tools looking at the psychology of what gets in the way.

We work on your  practical real life issues that once dealt with will allow you more control, confidence and clarity.

It feels really tailored and we can tailor it to suit what ever situation we face. It’s really practical because you are giving us tools, but more importantly, you are giving us completely different ways of thinking – ideas that would never come into my own head.

Gemma Asbury : University of Sussex, School of Business, Management and Economics
  • Max participants 12
  • 6 hours
  • Learn the key habits to increase productivity and reduce stress
  • Succeed by managing your state and focus, not time
  • Learn how to get things done and stay sane.
  • To book or find out more email