The Healthy Leadership Project

We run the healthy leadership project to deliver workshops and away days where you will be immersed in discovering ways of developing an understanding how your wellbeing impacts your effectiveness and get practical ways to develop sense of balance and resilience.

Discover how to be centred, grounded, open and flexible. This is the foundation for effective leadership, communication and action.

Focus on achieving high performance whilst maintaining wellbeing.

Get useful tools and a completely different way of thinking that brings lasting change.

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“I’ve been to lots of staff development and different training over the years and this just feels completely different. It feels really tailored and we can tailor it to suit what ever situation we face. It’s really practical because you are giving us tools, but more importantly, you are giving us completely different ways of thinking – ideas that would never come into my own head. I don’t think I’ve ever had this level of enjoyment and experience in any staff development. You guys have just got a different approach.”
Gemma Asbury

University of Sussex, School of Business, Management and Economics