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Efficiency V Effectiveness

Time to read: 45 seconds When I am at my office I often get asked if I want a cup of tea by the friendly co-workers sharing the space. I tend to turn the offer down. I head to the kitchen to make my own tea as an when I need it. On the face [...]

Setting well formed goals.

By using the following questions you can make sure your goals are well formed and effective. Each level has questions which are worth considering ahead of taking action. Also see Setting Goals Set the goal as a positive to work towards. What do you want? Make the goal sensory specific, as though it were real. [...]

How to have effective meetings.

Know the real objectives of your meeting.  Keep the focus on achieving it. Always write down a simple agenda and let all have it before the meet. Put Any Other Business as the first item on the agenda and get people to put these in. Select a good meeting place and the right hour and [...]

7 step leadership model:

Address each of these areas to lead others and enable them to help you:

How to delegate.

How to delegate effectively.