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Setting Goals

A couple of weeks ago I was to be found running along Brighton seafront dressed as Buzz Lightyear chasing a pink fairy. No not a weird dream but the 10k Heroes fun run. The day was hot and my outfit was not conducive to running with lots of padding and a hot helmet on my [...]

Authentic Leadership

This program will enable you to be an outstanding communicator, understand the behaviours and intentions of others,build better and more effective relationships, use effective planning and set clear goals.

Are you looking properly?

I recently lost my car key. I had just unloaded the boot and then couldn’t for the life of me find the key. I searched my pockets, likely places I might have put it down and had no joy. This spelt trouble as I had also misplaced the spare key a long while back. I [...]

Managing under preasure

Sometimes things don’t run smoothly and you get a few curveballs thrown at you out of the blue. Here are our top tips for keeping on track. 1.Take a step back. Objectively putting all the things that need doing (work and otherwise) into an Urgent/Important grid and then actively prioritising really helps to • Be [...]

How to set effective goals

There are many ways to set goals.  When you are growing a business it helps to keep it simple. These are our goal setting tips: Pick a single goal Reduce the goal to be achievable in 30 days Use the rule of 20. i.e. do 20 actions to reach goal Post the goal and your [...]

How to be great at developing and engaging people

Being developed is the number one engagement need for a lot of people. You need to be really good at identifying peoples needs and helping them fill them. This one day course will enable you to effectively train, coach, give feedback and delegate to get the best from people.