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How to give positive feedback

It pays to let employees know that you’re paying attention to what they do and that you really do appreciate their efforts.

Setting Goals

There are many ways to set goals.  When you are growing a business it helps to keep it simple so these are our Goal setting tips: Pick a single goal Reduce the goal to be achievable in 30 days Use the rule of 20 – do 20 actions to reach goal Post the goal and [...]

Its all about to change

70% of change projects fail to achieve the results hoped for because more often than not, the cultural and psychological barriers to change are not addressed properly.

This workshop will enable you to manage organisational change more effectively.

“It is not the fittest that survive but those who adapt to change the best.”

Executive Coaching

Coaching for leaders looking to make fast and effective changes and to grow quickly.

Management Development

Sustained coaching and development for longer term development.